Japanese Cherry Blossom Blogger Template

Not quite true to the original Wordpress theme, my Blogger template for this site is now available for download. To use this template, download it to your computer then upload it to blogger under Edit HTML. Then make the following tweaks.

1.a. Add <span class="fullpost"> hidden text here </span> to the last two and all future posts.
1.b. Optionally, add <span class="fullpost"></span> to post template under Settings:Formatting:Post Template
2. Under Layout, edit Blog Posts to only display only 2 posts on main page.
3. Under Layout, edit Search This Blog and delete element title Search This Blog.
4. Under Layout, fix the feed urls and website addresses, or just delete the elements you do not want and add your own.
5. Under Layout, fix the Adsense element to 468 x 15 Horizontal Row, and adjust the colors to match the site. Or just delete it.
6. Create your own Title image, upload it to flickr, picasa, or wherever, and replace the background: #ffffff url(http://yourimageurlhere.jpg) no-repeat top left; with the new image location.

#outer-wrapper {
margin:0 auto;
font: $bodyfont;
background: #ffffff url("http://lh6.google.com/whitney.steve/R6zd9cs82SI/AAAAAAAAAgA/aRvDFDJdAc8/s800/flowers_blue.jpg") no-repeat top left;

That's it. Not too painful.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Theme for Wordpress still has some nice features that the Blogger Template I made never will. I have added some elements already, and will deviate further from the original minimalist theme in the future. Plus, the inherent differences between Blogger and Wordpress guarantee that I will never get this template any closer to the Japanese Cherry Blossom Theme.

The original Japanese Cherry Blossom theme was created by April D. Spreeman. Her site is not currently functioning so I can only link back to the Wordpress template site where I originally found her work.

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whitney.steve said...

On second thought ... this template definitely is not ready. There were all kinds of issues with the font styles that allow you to make use of Blogger's tool for changing fonts and color. There were a myriad of other "issues" that I won't bore you with. I'll post an updated template when a. I have time, b. I actually understand how to make templates, c. When I can figure out Google's hidden css for elements.