Here are the facts. I am vegan. I post, occasionally, at VeganParenting.com. I posted the Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler post first here, then copied the post to VeganParenting.com. I almost reposted another VeganParenting.com post here, but why. No more vegan posts here, go to VeganParenting.com.

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susan said...

Hello my vegan brother,
It is your sister, sue... post whatever you want...it is your sight...post away.....we are very excited to see you all in march.....that is all the kids are talking about uncle steve and keller...the sleepover,,,,the new puppy...they wanted to know if aunt kari is going on a secret vacation??just girls???jo thinks she will go to the jungle with blasto...sarah thinks Storyland(new hampshire)...that is the only real amusement park she remembers...