Web 2.0 Websites, A Sea of Uselessness

I was really excited when I started looking into all of the Web 2.0 websites. My excitement continued when I found this site highlighting the Top 100 Web 2.0 betas. I joyfully looked at the first ten, and then it happened. My excitement waned. It's sad, I'm over Web 2.0. I'm over the interactivity. I'm over the gimmicks. I'm over the special invite Beta. I'm over it because for ever useful Web 2.0 site, there are 100 wastes of time. Now, the wastes of time are different per individual, and each site fits its own niche, but yet a complete sea of uselessness to each individual. Yuck.

That said, as a web designer, I found two useful sites in the current Top 100. RoundedCornr, which oddly enough generates code for rounded corners, and a website that I can't remember the name of and couldn't find quickly in the Top 100. I'll probably have to go back through them all or god forbid, google it.


whitney.steve said...

I did, I googled it. The web site, browsershots.org, shows you what your website will look like in any browser. It is fantastic. I balked at installing Internet Explorer on my Mac, and now I never have to.

whitney.steve said...

Dang, kuler is a great color scheme resource for designers. Still a sea of uselessness, yet there are apparently oases of sargasso.