Web 3.0

Jeffrey Zeldman wrote an article called Web 3.0, on A List Apart, detailing the emergence of Web 2.0 and chronicling both the absurdity and greatness of what the internet is and where it is going. I really enjoy his writing, although I am not a professional web designer, web design is my favorite distraction.

I read a book many years ago, okay maybe four, by Eric Meyer called Eric Meyer on CSS. The book transformed both the way I viewed the internet and the way I made web sites. Maybe that is giving Eric Meyer too much credit, it is a book about CSS afterall, but I finally saw the importance of web standards, the importance of separating style from content, and I finally started designing web pages that didn't suck.

Now even though all of my sites are powered by Blogger, it is the CSS that makes them unique. Thanks Eric.

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