Damn this template!

Arghhh! So my frustration with the template right now is the damn Blogger Font and Color tool. Changing the styles in the the Edit HTML section seems easy, but Blogger Elements such as Search and Blog List include their own css styles referencing the stylesheet.

This would be fine except they reference the same textColor style but I want them to have different colors. No worries, just change the style reference in the respective widgets, but alas, I want the template to work without people having to modify every little detail in each widget they may or may not want.

Solution, I can override the style by adding specific css in the style sheet section and adding the !important declaration to it. So for the Blog List element the css should look like this:

/* Apply custom colors for Blog List found in widget. */

.blog-list-container a:link {
color: $linkColor !important;

.blog-list-container .item-title {
color: $Hcolor1 !important;

.blog-list-container .item-snippet {
color: $bottomtextcolor !important;

.blog-list-container .item-time {
color: $Hcolor3 !important;

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